Do know a child that may qualify for a room makeover?    
Please submit a referral!!  


* Child must be between the ages of 3-19 years old.
* Child must live within a 50 mile radius of our office. (2375 Ingleside Ave., Macon, GA)
* Child must be diagnosed with a life threatening illness / disease.

Information You Will Need

*Child's name, age, and name of diagnosis or information about the illness. (ex: You know that the child travels to Atlanta for treatments & has cancer but not sure what kind.)
*Parent(s)/Guardian(s) name and contact information. (cell, email)
*Address - an exact home address is not required but you'll want to have an idea of where they live to be sure they meet the distance requirement.  (ex: Subdivision Name, Off of Hwy xxx, City Name) 

Our children  are chosen without regard to gender, race, religious affiliation or financial circumstances.
Referral Form