Founded in 2007 by interior designer Ann Mosley, Rooms from the Heart is a non-profit, (501c3) all volunteer organization that redecorates the bedrooms of critically ill children. Our children are between the ages of 3 and 19, and are chosen without regard to gender, race, religious affiliation or fi.nancial circumstances. 
Anyone can make a referral. We work closely with Jay’s Hope Foundation, Ronald McDonald House,  the Children’s Hospital, doctors,  health care professionals, social workers, friends and family members; all have referred children to us. 
We visit the family in their home, measure the room and interview the child to find out what he/she likes & wants for their dream room.
Under our guidance, a group of volunteers proceed with planning, shopping and preparing the work ahead of time (sewing & monogramming, repairing & painting furniture). The room make-over is completed in one day, as the family enjoys an outing on us. Renovations may include new flooring, cabinet work, painting, lighting, wall murals, new furniture, linens, accessories, toys & more. The family returns at the end of the day and is welcomed back home to dinner on the table and a room guaranteed to bring a smile back to the face of their child.
It costs between two & three thousand dollars to complete a room, but the difference it makes in a child’s life is priceless.

Watch a short video about us below.